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National tourism bureau enters a country about developing energetically the dire

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(3) level of promotion travel supply, increase enter a country travel appeal. Want to get used to the demand of diversification of international travel market, it is bibcock with world bequest and first-class travel city, strategy of executive travel high-quality goods, accelerate system of perfect travel product, build ” of library of high-quality goods of travel of “ China International. Should develop our country history adequately long, nation numerous, district the advantage with extensive, elegant mountains and rivers-land, breed the product brand that has international appeal and force energetically, reveal the distinctive culture glamour of the Chinese nation. Want to optimize travel product structure further, promote sightseeing product connotation, accelerate advance recreational go vacationing the development of product and high-end product, encourage conditional area to develop ski of houseboat of conference exhibition, passenger liner, hot spring, division to take an examination of the potential such as expeditionary, healthy sports travel product, encourage integrated force, concentration to breed activity of issue of large travel division. Want to promote the travel such as hotel restaurant to recieve level of Wu of kimono of establishment level of management further, pay attention to breed internationalization brand. Want to raise a tourist guide to serve a level, abound tourist guide language, promote a tourist guide quality, contented enter a country the need that travel admits.
(4) build perfect form a complete set to serve, promotion enters a country travel advantage changes a standard. Want to urge the service facilities construction such as highway, railroad, aviation, shipping, port further, support and encourage add line of boundary of found a state, simplify visa formalities, drive pair of conditional passenger source ground to carry out avoid visa, port visa, to according with a condition medicinal powder the guest executes visa going there and back for many times, to enter a country tourist provides more convenient service. Want to perfect urban travel function further, will enter a country travel development level brings into city of optimal travel of city of Chinese first-class travel, China to found working content. Want to improve travel to consume an environment, accelerate construction city travel to seek advice from service center and system of label of article of China and foreign countries, drive perfect suit enter a country the credit card of travel demand pays, foreign currency is changed wait for finance to serve a system, strengthen job of travel safety, insurance, drive build perfect travel to tighten system of emergency treatment aid.
(5) development electron business affairs and network sale, promote travel informatization the standard. Make full use of internet resource, accelerate advance system of sale of destination of project of ” of “ gold brigade, travel to wait for travel informatization construction. Do good China website of major of travel net and travel of city of each province area, accelerate total platform of sale of network of construction China travel ( . Encourage and support travel company to build website of much language travel, compose is built change propagandist platform without paper. Support uses international network to book a system, supportive development trades on sale of electronic business affairs, network, net, support holds fair of the travel on the net.
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