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National tourism bureau enters a country about developing energetically the dire

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5. 915 ” of comprehensive implementation “ period enters a country travel develops index. To 2010, recieve enter a country travel number amounts to 160 million person-time, year all grow 6% ; Recieve enter a country tourist of pass the night 68.8 million person-time, year all grow 8% ; Income of travel foreign currency amounts to 47 billion dollar, year all grow 10% .

3, develop energetically enter a country the working key of travel

(one) strengthen market research, master international travel market in time to develop metabolic tendency. Want to strengthen the investigation and study of pair of international travel markets further, seasonable understanding, accurate rule of the demand feature that holds market of main passenger source, rising market and potential market, change and development trend. National tourism bureau will be made enter a country in travel development extended program, the conditional city that visit an area also should consider to make enter a country travel market develops the strategy, adjust working deploy in time according to vicissitude of the market, enhance the initiative that the market develops and specific aim, accomplish have a definite object in view. The development that should dog in time and studies condition of new requirement of international travel market, new job changes, guidance and hurried enter condition travel product to develop. Should strengthen further enter a country travel market information works, build information to share a mechanism. National tourism bureau will hold year to enter a country travel job conference, research deploy enters a country travel works.
(2) strengthen propagandist sales promotion, figure of aggrandizement country whole is publicized. Should continue to strengthen the propagandist sales promotion that waits for market of main passenger source to Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, pay attention to more right Euramerican the development of long-distance market in waiting, should develop Europe, North America energetically, bay the rising market such as new, Russia, India, cultivate the potential market such as South America, middle east, Africa actively. Want to hold to governmental dominant travel to develop the strategy, drive various government to increase investment of propagandist sales promotion, guide an enterprise to increase market sale investment. Should strengthen actively with outside the connection of the branch such as trade of announce, diplomacy, external affairs, classics, culture, arouse the force of each respect, it is carrier in order to travel, build a variety of platform, figure of aggrandizement country whole is publicized. Want serious organization to develop travel theme year activity, make and implement plan of ” of travel of plan of ” of travel of — of “ Olympic Games and — of “ world rich, in country of main passenger source, area and city, the climax of in a planned way, propagandist sales promotion that measure landform becomes bigger impact, increase market force. City of each province area wants the resource condition according to oneself, research is affirmatory advocate dozen the market and advocate make a brand, specific aim ground strengthens market sales promotion. The development that should get used to an international market changes, force of farther integrated sales promotion, improve sales promotion way, improve sales promotion efficiency.
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