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National tourism bureau enters a country about developing energetically the dire

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4, answer measure of international market competition effectively to remain to strengthen. The state that makes competitive state with our country together and area photograph are compared, our country enters a country investment of whole of sales promotion of travel conduct propaganda is inadequate; Shift of sales promotion means, work cannot get used to demand of market of international passenger source well, answer acuteness international market to compete hard, need innovates ceaselessly; System mechanism and policy measure remain to perfect, the enthusiasm of travel company still needs comprehensive play; Team of professional sale talented person is not worth badly.

2, develop energetically enter a country the guiding ideology of travel and target

(one) guiding ideology
Develop energetically enter a country travel, should mix theoretically with Deng Xiaoping “ represents ” serious thought 3 times to be guidance, carry out in the round implement scientific progress concept, insist to expand open, hold to mutual benefit collaboration, it is a target in order to promote national whole form elephant and international market competition ability, in order to innovate system mechanism, strengthen conduct propaganda system of sales promotion, perfect service, strengthen talent construction to attach most importance to a dot, rely on a variety of platform such as trade of politics, diplomacy, classics, culture communication and channel, arouse the positive force of each respect, stimulative our country enters a country travel lasts healthy rapidder development.
(2) working target
1. Consolidate further and promote our country the seating arrangement in global travel market. 915 ” period strives for “ recieve enter a country number of tourist of pass the night jumps house whole world the 3rd, income of travel foreign currency jumps house whole world the 4th.
2. Enter a country travel development level promotes significantly. Tourist market structure is optimized ceaselessly, the amplitude of foreigner market and proportion have rise apparently; Product structure promotes ceaselessly, those who get used to international market demand is recreational go vacationing product and high-end travel product grow considerably, level of modern, internationalization rises ceaselessly, international market competition ability increases apparently; Consumptive structure is accelerated upgrade, quality benefit growth increases apparently.
3. Enter a country the system mechanism that travel develops is more perfect, policy environment is more favorable, talent team construction reachs new level, enter a country travel strides the healthy and orderly, course that develops more quickly continuously.
4. Enter a country travel is integrated the function is shown more. In promotion the country does body figure, promote pair of foreign language to change the aspect such as friendly association of development of trade of communication, classics and folk, enter a country the positive effect of travel is shown more.
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