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National tourism bureau enters a country about developing energetically the dire

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3, the travel appeal on our country alive bound increases ceaselessly. Our country builds comparatively well-off society, compose to build socialistic harmony in the round society, advance modernization quickly, travel recieves establishment and service level to will promote increasingly, modernization makes change with each passing day, achievement of political construction, economy construction, culture construction, society construction is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, increase ceaselessly to the appeal of the tourist of world each country and area, our country enters a country potential of travel market demand is tremendous.
4, ” of ” of “ Olympic Games, “ world rich will be pulled move enter a country travel market rises. Beijing Olympic Games was mixed 2008 Shanghai world rich was met 2010 of two big global great event hold, come to the tourist of stimulative world each country and area China travel, pull directly move our country to enter a country the growth of travel market. International experience makes clear, in rich of Olympic Games, world in integrated effect, tourism enters a country especially travel is to be benefited the the the directest, most remarkable, most abiding domain, this enters a country for our country travel development brings tremendous opportunity.
(3) enter a country the new case that faces in travel development and new challenge
Current, our country enters a country a few new cases and problem appeared in travel development, facing a few new challenges, need takes seriously highly, treat seriously, appropriate is answered.
1, international market competition is intense with each passing day. World each country and area take tourism seriously to develop more, increase the contention of pair of passenger source markets in succession, take the propagandist offensive that throws large-scaly, high ceaselessly, make intense competition with our country. Circumjacent country and area increase sales promotion strength ceaselessly, objective admiral makes a part potential market happening consumption changes direction, passenger source billabong.
2, the influence enters a country the adverse factor increase of travel market. Local and natural disaster, queasy, terror and the adverse element that the influence travel market such as major sudden event grows are local exist, to the whole world travel market consumes demand to bring adverse effect, increased the variable of global travel market, our country of influence of certain level admiral enters a country the growth of travel market.
3, maintain enter a country the difficulty that travel market rises quickly is increased. Since reforming and opening, our country enters a country travel grows more quickly continuously, already formed larger market scale, the difficulty that continues to maintain rapid growth increases. Occupy our country to enter a country about especially travel total number the market of HongKong and Macow of 80% , through longer rapid growth, already entered smooth growth phase gradually. The difficulty that predicts to will increase condition travel number considerably henceforth still bigger.
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