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National tourism bureau enters a country about developing energetically the dire

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2, demand is all-time and brisk, market maturity rises apparently. Sightseeing market rises smoothly, recreational go vacationing the market accelerates development, special market extends increasingly; Medicinal powder guest market rises continuously, business affairs market grows flourishingly, high-end market flourishs with each passing day; Consumptive structure begins promotion, consumption level rises apparently, income growth is rapid grow at the number, enter a country travel market is mature with each passing day.
3, drive and promote action to increase ceaselessly, fadein of integrated function day shows. Enter a country the development of travel, drove tourist attraction of area of hotel restaurant, scene, travel to shop etc recieve establishment construction, accelerated the infrastructure construction such as traffic, communication, promoted what ability of supply of whole of our country travel and government serve a level to rise, forerunner was developed in travel market, set an example and promote action; Increased income of national foreign currency, promoted friendly contact of economic culture communication and folk, promoted open to the outside world; Publicized the great success of our country modernization and national whole figure further, to the promotion of position of our country international, produced positive effect.
(2) develop energetically enter a country travel has a lot of advantage and opportunity
1, world tourism maintains rapidder growth momentum. Advance as development of economic integration of economic globalization, area, all sorts of factor of production flow quickly in the whole world, global travel market is advanced to mutual confluence and interactive direction gradually, world tourism will continue to maintain faster growth momentum. Forecast according to World Tourism Organization, to 2010, the whole world enters a country tourist of pass the night will achieve 1 billion person-time, international travel gross earnings will reach 1.55 trillion dollar. As world tourism main component is mixed the whole world is the most active enter a country one of travel markets, our country enters a country travel is sure to grow ceaselessly subsequently.
2, open to the outside world to be advanced ceaselessly, development enters a country the macroscopical environment of travel is favorable. Give priority to the international environment of the problem with peace, development, collaboration, and our country holds to peace to develop way, advance harmonious world construction actively, enter a country to develop energetically travel, created favorable macroscopical environment. Open to the outside world to expand ceaselessly, comprehensive national power promotes ceaselessly, the classics trade dealings of our country and world each country and area and culture communication are frequent with each passing day, to enter a country travel created more capacious development vacuum. The international course between our country and world each country and area is ceaseless grow in quantity, personnel society is more convenient, enter a country to develop energetically travel created more advantageous condition.
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