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National tourism bureau enters a country about developing energetically the dire

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Bureau of tourism of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (appoint) :
Enter a country the main component that travel is our country tourism, be level of travel estate development is important reflect. Develop energetically enter a country travel, to promote and driving level of whole of our country tourism rise, have important sense; To publicizing our country travel does body figure, promotional the friendly association with world each country and area people, transmission the Chinese nation is advanced culture and civilized achievement, promote open to the outside world, advance harmonious world construction, have positive effect. Current, society of our country economy develops continuously, reforming and opening is advanced steadily, external economic culture communication increases increasingly, comprehensive national power promotes ceaselessly, the international figure of peace, safe, development heals beneficial dash forward show, enter a country to develop energetically travel brought new opportunity. Meanwhile, our country enters a country the development of travel also is facing market environment complex and changeful, exterior competition adds the new case such as drama and new challenge increasingly. To be fulfilled seriously " national economy and social progress eleventh compendium of 5 years of programs " and " 915 ” of “ of Chinese tourism development plan compendium " requirement, develop energetically enter a country travel, ensure 915 ” of “ develop a target to come true as scheduled, offer following opinions now.

One, current our country enters a country the new condition that travel develops

(one) enter a country travel maintains continuously faster growth momentum, drive and promote action to be shown with each passing day
Since reforming and opening, our country enters a country travel gained remarkable success. Brigade tourist is counted and enter a country number of tourist of pass the night year all grow 17% , income of travel foreign currency year all grow 19% . 2006, predicting annual enters a country travel number can amount to 124 million person-time, enter a country tourist of brigade of pass the night counts 49.6 million person-time, income of travel foreign currency 33.5 billion dollar. Our country already made the whole world the 4th enter a country greatly travel welcomes a state, income of travel foreign currency resides the whole world the 6th. Enter a country travel already became our country's biggest international to serve commerce field, maintained continuously faster growth momentum, during this is 915 ” of “ , develop energetically enter a country travel laid good foundation.
1, development situation is favorable, process of passenger source globalization is accelerated. Growth of market of base of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is steady with each passing day, already entered steady growth stage by stage period; Posture of growth of foreigner market perch is increasingly apparent, entering fast hair exhibition period. The traditional market such as Japan, Korea, southeast Asia stabilizes growth, the rising market such as Europe, North America, Russia, India is accelerated grow, the clue of potential market with each passing day such as South America, middle east, Africa.
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