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Sichuan saves travel rules

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(6) legitimate rights and interests gets of enroach on, authority puts forward to stop enroach on, make an apology, the requirement such as compensatory loss.
(7) the other right that law, code sets or travel contract agrees.
Fiftieth 8 tourist ought to fulfil following obligation in travel activity:
(one) abide by law, code and regulations, abide by social morals;
(2) uphold travel order, abide by the regulation such as travel safety, sanitation;
(3) environment of protective travel resource, travel and travel establishment;
(4) the ethical custom habit that values travel land and religious belief;
(5) esteem travels from personnel of course of study;
(6) when producing issue with travel operator, ought to reasonable safeguard rights and interests, cannot do sth without authorization stops vehicle perhaps runs a place.
Fiftieth 9 tourist add up to right beneficial to perhaps be happened controversy by travel operator enroach on, can solve through following way:
(one) talk things over by oneself;
(2) mediation of request consumer society;
(3) to travel, industrial and commercial wait for administration to be in charge of a branch to complain;
(4) the agreement in travel contract has arbitral article or after the event reachs arbitral agreement, application arbitrates the orgnaization arbitrates;
(5) to people court to lodge a complaint.

Industry of the 5th chapter controls oneself

Guild of the 60th travel is travel operator abide by honest credence principle to be comprised of one's own accord, the blame that executes industry service and autonomic management seeks profits sexual society organization.
Operator of the 61st travel is willing to follow honest credence principle and apply for to join travel guild of one's own accord, travel guild ought to absorb his to become the member of guild.
Constitution of guild of travel guild according to sets other initiate requirement, answer all travel operator treat equally without discrimination, do not get discrimination.
The 62nd builds travel industry sincere letter runs open and affirmatory system, and to social announcement.
Build travel industry system of manage of sincere letter management inspect, make sure guild member is cogent fulfil sincere letter commitment. The inspect that brigade parades sincere letter runs line of business manages, by travel guild committee of manage of sincere letter inspect is in charge of.
Build travel industry to break one's promise chasten system, sign up for concerned administration to be in charge of a branch to put on record. Travel industry breaks his promise chasten, by travel guild committee of manage of sincere letter inspect goes to make self-discipline of manage of sincere letter inspect decide about according to guild regulations.
Build travel industry to break one's promise the system that reconsider. Guild member controls oneself to manage of sincere letter inspect decision disaffected, can parade to brigade application of the sincere letter committee that reconsider reconsiders trade association.
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