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Sichuan saves travel rules

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The service that guesthouse of the 49th travel, restaurant provides for tourist ought to standard, do not get lawbreaking, code and relevant specification.
Get in the service that tourist provides in travel guesthouse, restaurant losing of person harm, belongings, travel guesthouse, restaurant ought to be compensated for lawfully.

Shopping place of the 7th travel

Fiftieth an actual information that travel shopping place ought to provide concerned commodity to perhaps serve to tourist, plain code marks a price, fairness trades, do not get the false conduct propaganda of fetching misunderstanding, do not get consumption of deceit, revulsive tourist, do not get compulsive tourist to do business.
Fiftieth when a travel shops to spatial provider is tasted or serve, ought to issue shopping proof to perhaps serve a receipt to tourist about the regulation according to the country.
Fiftieth the shopping place that 2 tourist arrange in travel agent buys a holiday, risk, of commodity of bogus, bad and invalidation, degenerative commodity, tourist has authority to ask travel agent is compensated for; After travel agent is compensated for, can chase after countervail to travel shopping place.
Fiftieth the fee of commodity sales promotion that 3 travel shopping place pays to travel agent according to it, ought to with travel agent settle accounts, the member that do not get guide tourist pays directly.

The 8th other

Fiftieth 4 travel are commercial show activity and travel entertainment ought to abide by legal laws and regulations, respect ethical custom habit, prohibit advocate is feudal and superstitious, prohibit undertaking the illegal activity such as bawdy, gamble, must not deceit, revulsive in the activity, force tourist to consume.
Fiftieth operator of 5 networks travel ought to offer true, reliable travel to serve message for tourist.
Network operator is offerred for tourist visit, the travel intermediary such as journey, accommodation, traffic, meal serves, ought to choose a service to offer from inside the travel operator that has legal aptitude square.
Fiftieth the management that company of 6 travel management is engaged in travel guesthouse, restaurant and tourist attraction of travel scene area, ought to sign up for travel administration to be in charge of a branch to put on record.

The right of tourist of the 4th chapter and obligation

Fiftieth 7 tourist enjoy following right in travel activity:
(One) safety of person, belongings gets ensuring;
(2) habit of custom of character dignity, nation and religious belief are respected;
(3) know travel operator and the real case that provide product and service from certificate of aptitude of personnel of course of study and place;
(4) operator of own alternative travel and service content, means, reject to trade compulsively;
(5) agree according to the contract or this orders provision, the travel that obtains qualitative price conform to serves;
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