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Sichuan saves travel rules

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The become effective time after fare of tourist attraction of travel scene area is adjusted, must not little at 90 days.
Tourist attraction of area of scene of the 43rd travel explains personnel to ought to be obtained explain evidence.
Tourist attraction of travel scene area explains personnel to ought to travel via the city of seat of tourist attraction of travel scene area, city assessment of administrative director branch; Assessment is eligible, by the city of seat, city travel administration is in charge of sectional nucleus hair to explain evidence.
To the museum, memorial hall, management that exposes a house to explain personnel, according to the country concerned regulation is carried out.

Tourist of the 5th brigade carries

The 44th pursues the company that travel passenger transport runs, ought to have the aptitude of travel passenger transport, obtain business certificate of travel passenger transport.
Car of passenger transport of the 45th travel, marine drives personnel ought to carry contract and tourism group operation plan to provide carriage service according to travel. The travel operation plan that operator of car of travel passenger transport, ship has authority to reject not to accord with safe drive a vehicle to set.
Operator of car of travel passenger transport, ship ought to the carriage course according to the agreement, during the agreement inside carry tourist safety conventional place, do not carry line so that change travel, do not carry car and shipping so that do sth without authorization changes, do not get do sth without authorization to carry the personnel that has nothing to do with tourism group.
Operator of car of travel passenger transport, ship did not carry those who increase transport costs according to conventional course, travel agent and tourist have authority to reject to pay addition transport costs.
Tool of modification of consignment of do sth without authorization of operator of car of travel passenger transport, ship and those who reduce service level, ought to return the fee that collects more; Raise those who serve a standard, must not add collect fee.
The 46th causes defer of travel passenger transport to carry because of force majeure and other and special account, enterprise of travel passenger transport ought to inform the particulars of a matter that travel agent and tourist cannot carry normally in time, issue concerned certify to, talk things over by travel agent and tourist or close to change with arrangement according to travel other order or return a ticket.

Guesthouse of the 6th travel, restaurant

Guesthouse of the 47th travel, restaurant provides system of assess of solid planet class by the country.
The mark that class of star of travel guesthouse, hotel serves, ought to the position with park restaurant the clearest antechamber.
The assess of grade of service of class of star of guesthouse of the 48th travel, hotel and check, can offer the proposal of preliminary assess and check by travel guild, the newspaper omits decision of orgnaization of assess of class of travel hotel star.
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