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Sichuan saves travel rules

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The 28th travel agent ought to run tourism group business independently. Truly painful need turns, travel of the group, ought to ask for so that tourist agrees, agree in the complement in travel contract.
Agree without tourist, travel agent does not get one-sided to turn, travel group.
The 29th travel agent does not get what stop tourism group with the dispute one-sided between travel operator to move to perhaps stop tourist.
Thirtieth activity of travel of travel agent organization ought to be cast according to national regulation defend insurance of travel agent liability and tourist person accident insurance.
Thirtieth a travel agent ought to travel to the transportation enterprises take on lease that acquires travel passenger transport to manage a license passenger transport car and shipping, sign travel to carry a contract, make clear operation plan, the agreement carries the item such as course, carriage price, car and marine requirement and responsibility of breach of contract.
The travel passenger transport that has aptitude of travel passenger transport manages the directory of the enterprise, by the province traffic administration is in charge of a branch to announce.
The business yearly check that 2 travel agent ought to attend travel administration to be in charge of a branch to organize about the regulation according to the country abides by thirtieth relevant provision.

The 3rd tourist guide

Staff of 3 tourist guides ought to play thirtieth the qualification of tourist guide personnel with unitary state takes an exam. Classics qualification exam is eligible, just can obtain letter of tourist guide qualification.
Obtain letter of tourist guide qualification, ought to conclude with travel agent labor contract, fang Keshen gets tourist guide card please. Did not conclude with travel agent of labor contract, the orgnaization ought to serve to register in tourist guide management, fang Keshen gets tourist guide card please.
Did not acquire the staff of tourist guide card, must not undertake tourist guide activity.
Thirtieth serves the conduct a sightseeing tour that the orgnaization registers 4 times in tourist guide management, by tourist guide management service orgnaization is in charge of groom and be being recommended. Travel agent decides to recruit, ought to conclude labor contract, serve the content, deadline that recruit and service pay clearly to wait for content.
The personnel that be recruited ought to be subject to the arrangement of the travel agent that recruit.
The tourist guide manages those who serve an orgnaization to establish, set separately by province people government.
Thirtieth personnel of 5 tourist guides and travel agent conclude when labor contract, requirement having right recruits insurance premium of society of pay of square clear pay, pay to use. Deduct a percentage from a sum of money of fare of conventional business sales promotion is proportional, ought to pay by travel agent.
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