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Sichuan saves travel rules

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Manage go abroad, leave the country the travel agent organization of tourism Wu goes abroad, leave the country of travel activity, ought to deal with formalities, newspaper to concern sectional careful produce the expected result about the regulation according to the country.
The 22nd travel agent ought to conclude with personnel of tourist guide, the leader of a sports team labor contract, pay salary reward, pay society insurance premium is used, must not swim with any formal guide, collection of personnel of the leader of a sports team any charge.
Travel agent needs to recruit tourist guide personnel temporarily, recruit in the conduct a sightseeing tour that ought to serve an orgnaization to register in tourist guide management, conclude labor contract, agree bilateral right is compulsory.
Travel agent must not use the personnel that did not obtain tourist guide evidence to undertake tourist guide activity.
The 23rd travel agent organizes travel activity, ought to conclude with tourist written contract, serve the item such as level of project, fare and responsibility of breach of contract clearly. Introduce demonstrative text version of format clause contract, ought to inform a contract to concern the specific meaning of format clause to tourist. Provide for oneself at one's own expenses the project ought to be made clear in travel contract, choose of one's own accord by tourist. Tourist has special demand, can as extraordinary as travel agent agreement.
Travel agent ought to make tourism group operation plan according to travel contract, extend to tourist watch of tourism group operation plan and watch of appraise sth through discussion of travel service quality.
Because the 24th travel agent is recieved, catchpenny tourist, produce business dealings with other travel operator, the travel operator that ought to choose to have legal aptitude is offerred for the service square, conclude contract, agree bilateral right is compulsory.
The 25th travel agent runs tourism group business, the contract price that is the same as a standard with the group ought to agree relatively. In serving with the standard with the group, contract price difference must not exceed 15% . Exceed a share, travel agent ought to return tourist.
The 26th travel agent ought to provide a service according to travel contract and tourism group operation plan, do not get one-sided to change conventional content.
Because the reason of other travel operator causes what travel contract cannot be fulfilled or cannot fulfill completely, tourist can ask travel agent go ahead of the rest is compensated for. After travel agent is compensated for, chase after countervail to other travel operator by travel agent again.
The 27th travel agent causes tourism travel incur loss through delay because of oneself fault, travel agent ought to seek the opinion of tourist. Tourist agrees to continue to fulfil a contract, charge and penalty due to breach of contract are concerned during paying incur loss through delay by travel agent; Tourist asks to terminate travel contract, travel agent ought to arrange tourist to return venue, return half-baked travel expenses, pay penalty due to breach of contract, recoup immediate pecuniary loss.
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