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Sichuan saves travel rules

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Branch of director of administration of travel of province people government weaves jointly with concerned branch organization complete province travels program, cross city (city) approval of government of people of province of the newspaper after area travel plans and the organization is evaluated is carried out.
The change that travel plans and cancel, ought to sign up for approval of original approval mechanism.
Weave travel plans to use finance fund, the professional orgnaization that ought to have aptitude certainly through means of invite public bidding assumes staff technology business.
Government of people of place of above of class of the 9th county ought to admit according to local travel and finance state, will use at travel resource is developed and the necessary funds such as conduct propaganda of administration of protection, travel, travel includes year finance the budget and year after year increases somewhat. Conditional place, can establish travel to develop special fund.
Construction of project of the 10th travel ought to accord with travel program. Travel project construction is when project approving ought to written the opinion that seeks travel administration to be in charge of a branch, approve according to newspaper of concerned construction program.
Eleventh the proper depart that state-owned travel resource can execute droit and right of administration, legal person and other organization can be passed rent, contract, the right of administration that contest is bought and other and legal form obtains state-owned travel resource. Law, code has a regulation additionally, set from its.
National level scenery scenic spot the right of administration of the area must not undertake integral sex make over. The right of administration of tourist attraction of area of other travel scene and national level scenery scenic spot the cession of the right of administration of partial tourist attraction inside the area, by examine and verify of government of people of city, city hind, government of people signing up for a province is in charge of a branch to approve about administration.
Dozenth build holiday travel information to forecast system and travel caution information to release a system.
Branch of director of administration of travel of government office of the civil administration that save a person ought to be in during the great travel activity such as the Spring Festival, May Day, National Day happens, release travel of main travel area publicly to welcome news to the society through masses medium.
Main travel area produces a likelihood to endanger tourist person and belongings safety status, travel administration is in charge of a branch to ought to release travel caution information in time.
Thirteenth branch of director of administration of travel of government of people of place of prefectural class above ought to build warehouse of travel resource information, urge travel informatization construction.
Tourist attraction of area of scene of public traffic hub, main travel and main commercial block ought to install commonweal sex travel to seek advice from a dot, offer information to seek advice from a service for tourist.
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