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Sichuan saves travel rules

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General principles of the first chapter

The first is sent to protect and add up to sleave, use travel resource, order of normative travel market, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of tourist and travel operator, stimulative tourism develops, concern the provision of law, administrative regulations according to the country, combinative Sichuan province is actual, enact this ordinance.
The 2nd uses travel resource and travel service facilities inside area of Sichuan province administration, be engaged in providing communication for tourist, visit, accommodation, meal, shop, the service such as recreation, information reachs his to monitor administrative activity, applicable this byelaw.
Dominant of seat of government of solid administration of tourism of the 3rd development, society is participated in, the market is run, the principle that the industry controls oneself, hold to travel resource protection and reasonable development to use photograph band, zoology benefit, economic benefits and social benefit photograph are unified.
Government of people of place of above of class of the 4th county ought to bring into the development of tourism national economy and social progress to plan, make travel develop industrial policy, strengthen tourism infrastructure construction.
The organization that branch of director of administration of travel of government of people of place of above of class of the 5th county is in charge of the tourism inside area of politics of one's own profession is coordinated and the guidance of travel industry, supervisory government works. The regulation of this byelaw and respective duty do according to of branch of director of other concerned administration in coordination the supervisory government of good tourism works.
Travel administration executes the law quality supervisory administration is in charge of travel serving quality to execute the law to supervise and travel complained processing, its funds brings into budget of the financial year that be the same as class.
Guild of the 6th travel ought to perfect industry self-discipline system, develop an activity lawfully, play service, guide and control function, health of stimulative travel industry develops.

Travel of the 2nd chapter is promoted

Development of the 7th tourism ought to unite a program, tourism development ought to accord with travel program.
Weave travel plans to ought to stress local distinguishing feature, accord with land to use overall planning and urban and rural overall planning, with groove guard of natural zoology groove guard, culture cultural relic, scenery scenic spot the program photograph such as the area is harmonious. Weave other concerned program ought to consider travel function as a whole, the development of tourism of give attention to two or morethings.
The 8th city (city) , branch of director of administration of travel of prefectural people government weaves jointly with concerned branch organization travel develops area of scene of program, travel to the tourist attraction plans and travel the travel program such as special program, the newspaper after via on one class travel administration is in charge of a branch to organize evaluation is the same as approval of class people government to carry out.
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