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National tourism bureau makes the 27th " license of administration of national t

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When sufferring service person to get administration to allow decision and document of other administration license directly, ought to answer in service commonly make clear on card get date, sign or affix one's seal.
When the 42nd suffers service person not to get administration to allow decision and document of other administration license directly, travel administration department can take service of the following means:
(one) mail service, receive a date to be service date with what make clear on post-office receipt;
(2) suffer service person to reject to receive administration to allow document, service person ought to answer the origin of an incident that bright rejection remembers on card and date in service, by service person, concerned basic level is organized or the delegate etc eyewitness of place unit signs or affix one's seal, keep administrative license document in what get service person to send and receive a branch or abode, regard service as; Eyewitness does not wish to be answered in service sign on card or of affix one's seal, service person is answered in service bright case is marked on card, keep service document in get service person dwelling place, regard service as;
(3) direct service inconvenient, can entrust service of department of local travel administration;
(4) cannot take afore-mentioned means service, of item of same perhaps service get service person numerous, can be in announcement column, suffer announcement of paste of ground of service person abode, also can carry announcement on the press. Pass 60 days since the day that announcement releases, regard service as namely.

The 3rd order is right be permitted of the person supervise

Bureau of tourism of the 43rd country ought to is opposite lawfully the activity of item of license of administration be been engaged in by permissive person undertakes supervisory checking.
Bureau of tourism of the 44th country ought to coach be built by permissive person examine a system oneself, supervise be undertaken be checkinged oneself by system of permissive person according to, supervise and urge be consulted main job oneself by permissive person department of administration of circumstance newspaper travel puts on record.
The 45th supervisory examination must not hamper activity be managemented by permissive person's normal production.
The 46th has administration to allow a law one of status of kind of the 69th the first place, the request of national tourism bureau according to interests person or basis powers and authorities of office, can remove sell politics to permit.
Be obtained what administration permits with the wrong step such as deceit, bribery by permissive person, ought to give cancel.
Before according to two formulary cancel administration is permitted, the likelihood is caused to public interest great those who damage, do not grant cancel.
According to a license of the first formulary cancel administration, be damaged by the legitimate rights and interests of permissive person, travel administration department ought to offer compensation lawfully. According to of a license of the 2nd formulary cancel administration, be not sufferred to protect by the interest that permissive person is based on administrative license to obtain.
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