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National tourism bureau makes the 27th " license of administration of national t

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(7) compere announces hearing break down, delay perhaps ends.
Thirtieth 4 to person of applicant, interests or its precatory agent perhaps abandons averment and qualitative card right exiting a hearing without warrant nonattendance hearing of witnesses, compere can announce hearing of witnesses cancels or hearing of witnesses is stopped.
Thirtieth recorder of 5 hearing of witnesses ought to make the overall activity of hearing of witnesses note, by compere of hearing of witnesses and recorder autograph. Hearing of witnesses notes ought to attend a person to affirm via hearing of witnesses without after perhaps making good omissions by accident, attend by hearing of witnesses the person signs on the spot or affix one's seal. Hearing of witnesses attends a person to refuse sign or of affix one's seal, mark bright case by compere of hearing of witnesses, in hearing of witnesses in noting, give carry bright.
Thirtieth bureau of 6 countries tourism ought to note according to hearing of witnesses, make administration allow a decision. There is the factual basis of attestation, account in noting to hearing of witnesses, the evidence that perhaps submits after applicant hearing of witnesses, national tourism bureau need not grant to collect a letter.
Thirtieth ought to hold hearing of witnesses 7 times lawfully and do not hold hearing of witnesses, according to interests person request or basis powers and authorities of office, can remove sell politics to permit, the legitimate rights and interests that gives party from this is caused damage, ought to offer compensation; Cancel administration license may be caused to public interest great those who damage, do not grant cancel.

The 5th deadline and service

Thirtieth is divided 8 times outside making administration make decidable on the spot, since the day that national tourism bureau ought to hear administration to permit application oneself administration is made allow a decision inside 20 days. The decision cannot be made inside 20 days, via the country tourism bureau director is approved, can lengthen 10 days, issue to the applicant " advice note of delay of administrative license decision " , tell the reason that extends deadline.
Law, code decides to making administration permit deadline has a regulation additionally, its set according to.
Bureau of 9 countries tourism makes thirtieth administration allows a decision, need hearing of witnesses lawfully, examine, of appraisal and expert evaluation, what need time to be not calculated inside the time limit that sets in this chapter, but ought to need place time written tell an applicant.
Bureau of tourism of the 40th country makes the decision that allow administration allows, 10 days of indrawn applicants since the day that ought to make a decision oneself are issued, service administration permits certificate, perhaps add stick label.
Administration of service of department of administration of the 41st travel permits decision and other administration to allow document, general ought to by suffer service person to arrive place of office of travel administration branch is gotten directly.
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