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National tourism bureau makes the 27th " license of administration of national t

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After bureau of tourism of the 20th country applies for to undertake checkup to administrative license, form of shape of all ready to the application material that the applicant refers, coincidence method, can make a decision on the spot, answer to make written administration allow a decision on the spot; To cannot making a decision on the spot, administration ought to be made allow a decision according to formulary program inside legal time limit.
The application of the 21st applicant accords with statutory requirement, standard, national tourism bureau ought to make the written decision that allow administration allows lawfully; The applicant's application does not accord with statutory requirement, standard, tourism bureau ought to make the country do not grant lawfully the written decision that administration allows.
Tourism bureau makes the country do not grant lawfully administration allows written decision, ought to show reason, inform an applicant to enjoy the right that application administration is reconsidered or carries lawsuit of politics of start on a journey lawfully.
Administration permits written decision to ought to carry bright the time that makes a decision, build seal of national tourism bureau.
Bureau of tourism of the 22nd country makes the decision that allow administration allows, need to issue administration to permit certificate lawfully, ought to issue the following administration that builds seal of national tourism bureau to permit certificate to the applicant:
(one) licence, license is other perhaps licence book;
(2) qualificatory card, aptitude evidence is other perhaps certificate of conformity;
(3) approval file perhaps proves a file;
(4) the other administration that law, code provides permits certificate.
Certificate of license of the 23rd administration ought to hold title of the bright certificate name, mechanism that send card commonly, hold witness name, administration to permit period of efficacy of date of card of number of item, certificate, hair, certificate to wait for item.
Permissive decision makes the 24th administration have legal effectiveness namely lawfully. Legal process must not change blame classics already the administrative license of become effective.
Administration permits place to the law of the basis, code, regulations is revised or abolish, or allow administration permits the external state of affairs of a basis to produce major change, for the need of public interest, national tourism bureau can be changed lawfully or cancel already the administrative license of become effective. Give citizen, legal person other perhaps organization from this cause belongings losing, ought to offer compensation lawfully.
The 25th administration permits an applicant to conceal concerned circumstance to perhaps offer false data to apply for administration to permit, accept or national tourism bureau does not grant administrative license, give a warning; Administrative license belongs to immediate impact of item of safety of public safety, property of person health, life, the applicant must not apply for this administration to permit again inside a year.
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