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National tourism bureau makes the 27th " license of administration of national t

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(2) application item does not belong to this sectional limits of one's functions and powers lawfully, ought to make the decision that does not grant to accept immediately, issue to the applicant " administrative license application does not grant to accept decision book " ;
(3) of the character of application material existence, computation mistake that can correct on the spot, ought to allow an applicant to correct on the spot, inform its to affirm in modification place;
(4) application material is not all ready perhaps do not accord with legal form, answer to perhaps inform an applicant to need the entire content that make good omissions inside 5 days on the spot. Exceed the time limit is not informed, it is namely since the day that gets application material accept;
(5) application item belongs to this sectional limits of one's functions and powers, all ready, coincidence method decides application material form or door of cadre of applicant according to asks to refer make good omissions of material, ought to accept administration to permit application, issue to the applicant " administrative license applies for to accept decision book " .
National tourism bureau afore-mentioned issued written certificates, ought to build seal of national tourism bureau, and dated.
The seventeenth permits application and processing case to received administration, undertake personnel ought to put in archives for future reference 's charge.

The 3rd is examined with the decision

The 18th applicant is responsible to referring the authenticity of application material. National tourism bureau is adopted commonly written the application material that checkup way refers to the applicant undertakes checkup.
The substantial content that needs pair of application material lawfully undertakes checking, national tourism bureau ought to send two above staff member to undertake checking, examination of the spot that make notes or enquire note.
Spot examination notes ought to according to the facts the time that account checks, place, play person and content, sign by the personnel that check.
When the need in checking enquires party perhaps concerns personnel, the personnel that check ought to show certificate, indicate the capacity, the inquiry notes ought to not have via be being enquired the person checks by accident hind sign or affix one's seal.
License of administration of the 19th executive travel ought to notice to listen to citizen, legal person the allegation of other perhaps organization and averment. When to administration the license applies for to undertake checkup, discover what immediate impact others weighs golden eggs to this administration allows item, interests person ought to be told before the decision. Person of applicant, interests has authority to have allegation and argue one's case. The oral allegation of administrative license conduction staff member to person of applicant, interests and averment, ought to make allegation, averment note. The fact that management department ought to offer to person of applicant, interests, reason has review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court. Fact, reason holds water, ought to adopt.
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