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National tourism bureau makes the 27th " license of administration of national t

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Administration of the 2nd chapter permits carry out

The executive institution that the first administration allows

Bureau of tourism of the 9th country is inside legal limits of authority, unite executive administration to permit with the name of cadre door.
The country sets orgnaization and agency to must not carry out administration to permit independently with respective name inside tourism bureau.
The regulation of national tourism bureau according to law, administrative regulations and regulations, can entrust department of administration of travel of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government license of executive administration of mechanism of   of   of   of   of other perhaps administration. National tourism bureau is right the consequence that entrusts behavior, assume legal responsibility lawfully.
Get department of administration of travel of precatory province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government other perhaps executive authority is not entrusted so that turn.
Administration of the 10th travel is permitted, divide the work according to business, be in charge of department by business respectively specific and responsible, unified deal with, about business director department ought to secure concerned business clearly place is specific and responsible handle affairs draft civil.
Need manages jointly with other business conduction administration allows item, specific and responsible the business a surname that this administration allows ought to be coordinated, supervise and urge relevant department is dealt with inside deadline.
Eleventh the main responsibility that national tourism bureau manages about business specific and responsible conduction administration permits is:
(one) accept, examine administration to permit application, put forward to decide a proposal to national tourism bureau;
(2) hearing of witnesses of constituent administration license works;
(3) service administration allows a decision;
(4) the information count that permits about administration, information works publicly;
(5) offer the public to consult archives of administrative license job serves;
(6) offer administration to permit working professional work to seek advice from a service;
(7) be opposite lawfully the activity of item of license of administration be been engaged in by permissive person undertakes supervisory checking.
When the business department that national tourism bureau is in charge of specific conduction administration permitting is fulfilling afore-mentioned obligation, relevant business department ought to cooperate actively.

The 2nd application and accept

Dozenth demonstrative text of the item that the business department of a license of conduction administration of national tourism bureau ought to allow concerned administration, basis, condition, amount, program, deadline and the list that need referred full data and requisition in Internet and office place fair show.
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