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National tourism bureau makes the 27th " license of administration of national t

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(2) ask for or accept administration to permit an applicant person of other perhaps interests boodles;
(3) hold back, divert, illicit is divided or covert illicit cent carries out administration to permit lawfully of the charge of collection;
(4) did not make administration make decidable inside specified time limits;
(5) nonperformance legal administration permits duty, person of other perhaps interests adds up to applicant of license of administration of serious enroach on of right beneficial;
(6) the administrative license that waits for major item to involving security of national interest, public interest, person, derelict, practise favouritism fraud, neglect one's duty, dereliction of duty makes those who allow a decision badly perhaps irresponsibly;
(7) in executive administration the do sth without authorization in allowing a procedure collects fees or do not collect fees by legal project and standard.
Fiftieth 4 violate executive travel administration to permit the legitimate rights and interests that encroachs citizen, legal person and other organization to cause belongings to damage, ought to according to " country of People's Republic of China compensates for a law " the regulation gives compensation.

Supplementary articles of the 5th chapter

Fiftieth the time that the executive administration that this 5 method provide allows is calculated with weekday, do not contain legal holiday.
Fiftieth this 6 method apply since January 1, 2007.

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