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National tourism bureau makes the 27th " license of administration of national t

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Bureau of tourism of country of People's Republic of China makes

The 27th

" license of administration of national tourism bureau implements temporary measure " already conference of office of director of national tourism bureau was discussed on October 30, 2006 through, grant to announce now, apply since January 1, 2007.

Director of national tourism bureau: Wei of Shao fine jade
Two years on November 7

License of administration of national tourism bureau implements temporary measure

General principles of the first chapter

The first permits action for normative travel administration, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizen, legal person and other organization, bureau of safeguard country tourism carries out administration effectively, basis " administration of People's Republic of China allows a law " (administration of the following abbreviation allows a law) reach concerned law, administrative regulations, combinative travel work is real, make this way.
The travel administration that this the 2nd method place weighs is permitted, it is to point to basis of national tourism bureau citizen, legal person is other perhaps organization (applicant of the following abbreviation) application, via be being examined lawfully, its are engaged in allow the behavior of specific activity.
Administration of the 3rd executive travel is permitted, ought to abide by " administration allows a law " reach concerned law, code and the regulation of this method.
The set that administration of the 4th travel permits, management, carry out, supervisory examination, applicable this method.
National tourism bureau is right perhaps to other institution of the item such as the human affairs of the institution that its run directly, financial, external affairs examine and approve, not applicable this method.
Administration of the 5th executive travel is permitted, ought to mix according to legal attributive, limits, condition program, abide by open, fair, justice, civilian, efficient the principle with supervisory examination.
Without what announce the regulation must not regard executive administration as permissive basis.
Administration of the 6th executive travel is permitted, do not add besides be in statutory requirement any shocking requirements.
Regulations of administration of the 7th travel and other file, inside set orgnaization file uniform must not set administration license.
Travel administration regulations can be in go up inside the limits of administrative license item of a law set, to carrying out this administration the license makes specific provision, but must not add administration to permit; Can permit a condition to make specific provision to administration, must not add disobey go up the other condition of a law.
The 8th need because of administration, national tourism bureau thinks to need to carry out administration to permit to concerning item, but without law, administrative regulations or the State Council decides to serve as a basis, ought to to to table a proposal of the State Council. The administrative license item that drafts set ought to be accorded with " administration allows a law " concerned regulation.
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