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Abecedarian should master what ski skill

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Abecedarian should master skill of ski of what high mountain
When technology of ski of abecedarian study high mountain, the use common sense that basically should master ski equipment, basic technology, downhill race technology, turn technology in all 4 parts.

Want to know the structure of ski equipment in use common sense, the characteristic of departmental portion, operating rules, of ski equipment carry, place, install and disassemble, mark of give a warning, the concept that understands “ to roll ” of line of fall.

Should learn to walk in basic technology technology, place turns around technology, parallel and mobile technology, technology of character 8 shift, character 8 stops a technology, after out of control how trip, how to after falling down, stand up.

Basically learn schuss skill in downhill race technology, technology of diagonal downhill race, plow technology of type downhill race, plow technology of type downhill race partly. Learning downhill race skill is the society in making student glides in high speed masters centre of gravity. Because downhill race technology is of technology of high mountain ski,the foundation must master so.

Turning main study plows type to turn in the technology technology, plow type to turn partly technology, plow type and plow type to swing partly turn technology. Because high mountain skiing is to move quickly, too rapid rate makes skier controls ski not easily, and apply turn continuously technology, but will quicken athletic control to be uniform motion or retarded motion, the ability that makes skier controls ski rises greatly. Turn the elite place that the technology is technology of high mountain ski, learn to rise have certain difficulty, want to have patience.

High mountain ski is a very exciting athletic sports, have the control when your adroitness only its essentials, the experience with real talent gives you brought boundless pleasure to ski, only yourself ability experiences this among them secret get.

Other ski notice

1 China northward climate is very dry, of moisture lose and of cold wind blow attack the skin that can injure you. Accordingly, although be in sunny weather, you also should be used 2 hours every prevent bask in frost. Wear ski blinkers even, protect your eye and facial skin at the same time.

2 cannot resist because of the batteries in camera microtherm, camera often cannot take a picture normally, you should take a batteries to reserve more in close-fitting pocket, often install the battery that has temperature into camera.

3 notice the skier beside at any time please, every ski field has a new hand, want to have enough defensive consciousness, prevent as far as possible by others run down.

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