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How to search fountainhead and water

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Source of water can be found normally on hill, we ought to Jie touchdown graph or landform, study seeks the means of fountainhead.
Common dew camping ground can find source of water, it is the indispensable thing when camping. In domestic country, see clear source of water everywhere, not only Yu Jing and flavour

With the fountainhead that will judge ancient bronze mirror to show camping ground normally whether ideal condition has two:

1. Clean degree.

2. Fountainhead leaves the distance that shows camping ground.

No matter how abundant fountainhead, if its upper reaches has hut, or near fountainhead once the word as camping ground, so fountainhead has been polluted certainly, so must not direct drink

We know rapid running water has self purification. Because camp,can be when season, people pours to country, polluted source of water consequently, make self purification disappear of the river
Break almost to use up. If somebody is in its all around live, fountainhead more not clean.

When mountain-climbing, study a map adequately, in order to know the state of the fountainhead in hill. Fenny or the valley is normally medium, without the place of laid road or artificial establishment, the water near its
The source is cleaner. If discover the sandy soil of bulgy surface in the river to go up, other people of adherent rust account or smeary when, perhaps have the word that peculiar smell utters, do not suit drinkable.

When fountainhead is few, might as well the water that considers drinkable pond or point of the seeper that return the land. If surface is done not have bleb or when presenting dirty state, need not worry about clean problem. If
If still not be at ease, can filter first, boil hind is again drinkable. Of course, afore-mentioned drinking water cannot be compared with general fountainhead phase, drinkable, want to see each one ask to cleanness
degree and decision.

Winter snows the place with much capacity, although arrived midsummer time, snow having damage still stays on crest line. The water that drop of crest line lower part comes down is promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty good thing. When camping, 10 thousand
Look for the place that is less than OK and compensatory fountainhead, this is first-rate fountainhead. When camping to slushy hill, because temperature of morning and evening is lower, because this wants to store alertly,use water, lest
Water is frozen and lack water. Because of nightly temperature on the low side, occasionally meeting ice changes snow layer, want to avoid sliding risk so.

When mountain-climbing, if can study map and reconnaissance topography adequately, the place that is close to crest line not hard finds source of water. Go up in overgrow floral mountain peak especially, go along marsh,
Can find source of water certainly. Occasionally we also can find source of water around the cascade that forms in marsh, should dig chute lower part only right now all around OK. From landform
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