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The means of a few kinds of field ignition

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Match: Match is the most convenience tool of ignition. Carry a few mark to " is not the match that safe " , " is delimiting " labels anyplace more, plunge into them into a bunch to be put inside waterproof container, prevent them to chafe each other, beyond spontaneous combustion, also can prevent match oneself to become wet additionally.
** attention: Match be affected with damp be affected with damp also is to have method remedial, if the hair is dry and not fat, can put damp match in the hair to chafe one time, the electrostatic meeting that the hair produces makes it dry.

Additional, become wet through match can avoiding in candle of the drop on match. When ignition, usable fingernail divests candle layer. Use convex: After intense sunshine passes convex focusing, can produce enough quantity of heat to ignite live cinders kept for starting a new fire. Among them, take internal heat most rapid is illuminate benzine and alcohol, live cinders kept for starting a new fire can be ignited inside 1-2 second.

The convex lens in magnifier or binoculars and camera, can replace convex to serve for you. Additional, glance live cinders kept for starting a new fire is put on the focus of the bowl in flashlight, side with the sun to also can take internal heat. If be below the environment that has ice and snow, ice cube treatment is become among thick, the figure with small periphery replaces convex also is possible.

Attack stone to take internal heat: Look for a hard rock to do " flint " , the back that uses a scalpel or flake iron and steel are down " of knock " flint, make scintilla falls to big live cinders kept for starting a new fire. A brim takes the hacksaw of tine to be able to produce more spark than common penknife. When kindling begins fume, slowly blow or fan, make its light bright fire. Of course an any stone can not ignite live cinders kept for starting a new fire, stone attacks the scintilla that go out to must certain quantity of heat and duration ability ignite live cinders kept for starting a new fire.

Batteries makes a fire: If have the battery with bigger n, will losing polar the two end that receive the pencil core that cutting wooden skin, between instantly, pencil core can be burned aglowly like electric stove silk.

If if drive,travelling, desirable two long lead, must losing polar wiring column to go up in storage battery repeatedly. If do not have electrical wiring, can replace with two spanner or other metal tool. If lead is insufficient long, can take out battery from inside the car. Contact two lead extreme slowly, short circuit can produce scintilla. At this moment, touching petrolic cloth together is best kindling.

Bow drill takes internal heat: With coriaceous branch or bamboo piece bind belt of sole a shoe, cord or leather belt, make it a bow. A dry club tangles on bend, go up in a small hardwood with it rapid whirl. Such meetings get black powder, finally, these pulverous meetings are fumy and unripe give scintilla, ignite live cinders kept for starting a new fire.
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