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Close water: Camp rests must choose to stand by fountainhead ground, if the choice approachs limit of pool of brook, lake, river. But also cannot plunge into camping ground in flood land go up or be brook edge, once issue rainstorm or upriver reservoir to turn on the water, mountain torrents is eruptive wait, have life risk. Send an area more in monsoon and mountain torrents especially. N: Outdoors camp ought to consider n issue, be in especially a few valleys, flood land on, should want to choose to sentence the local camp of n. Still the front that notices tent door does not want prep against wind direction. N is to consider to camp not only, more apply to with fire. Yuan Ya: Cannot plunge into camping ground when camp below cliff, once fresh gale is blown on hill when, blow the content such as stone likely below, create risk. Close village: It camping ground stands by a village to have what urgent thing is OK that camping ground stands by a village to have what urgent thing to villager ask for help, more important when waiting for a circumstance without Chai He, vegetable, commissariat. Close village also is cutoff, the action of convenient team, move. Shady: If be a need,live two days the camping ground of above, be to should choose to sentence shady local camp below good weather situation, in if be below large tree,reach hill, had better be face reflects the sun, is not afterglow sun. Such, if days rests, in tent too won't hot too frowsty. Prevent thunder: In monsoon or much thunder area, camping ground cannot be plunged into absolutely go up in the upland, on the flat that Gao Shu falls or isolates quite. It is very easy action in that way to be struck by lightning