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The story of climbing boot

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I make climbing boot, this year. . . Did not ask to compare you anyway big, I am a the shoe is familial, our shoe is familial there also are a lot of relatives like be just like your person. My kin has sneaker, recreational shoe, fashionable dress shoe to wait a moment very a lot of more.

In us the shoe is familial in, those who grow the most strongly is our eldest brother - - high mountain boots, it has a pair of big and tall figure, hard skin, thick muscle, this makes its day is not afraid that the ground is not afraid of, put claw on the ice to connect 8000 meters snow mountain to also dare be entered together with its clique.

Although there is ” of hill of a “ in the name of I and my eldest brother, but I compare it but thin and small became much, I dare not go to the place that so it often goes to, but I deal with earthy road, clastic rock still can be more than sufficient. The neck that you see me (you call a shoe the waist) long long, can have protected the base, do not make it crooked wear. Still can cultivate rod, stone in order to prevent to enter shoe lining. My hand (you make shoelace) long long, can the bag with very appropriate from the top down is worn foot, such, even if take long way, the foot also won't be ground to give bubble. Of course, long-distance walking comfortable sex still has my sole (you call sole) contribution, my plantar decorative pattern is very old, can produce enough attrition power, let you be on rock leap onto roofs and vault over walls. Besides old decorative pattern, my sole still has a secret, that is hiding a steel in calcaneal namely piece, had this steel piece, we just can carry good bodily form, and it is dangerous to although you are not careful,stepped on nail to also won't happen.

I a moment ago said those, it is our familial tradition, as the development of science and technology, we also mastered more skill. To prevent our appearance suture by sharp rock lacerate, we put on the new appearance with very few suture, it has two suture in our backside only. To increase our plantar wearability, we changed a lot of new material, for instance GOODYEAR, VIBRAM. To come true waterproof breathe freely, we added a GORE-TEX inside appearance waterproof shirt, such, even if appearance was soaked by water, our waterproof shirt still can assure crural Gan Shuang, the harm that because crural ministry skids,prevents to cause. To increase our warmth retention property, we replaced original underwear with face of Thinsulate heat preservation, such, even if a world of ice and snow of northland also we do not get do sth to a person.

Had new material, new technology arm, we also begin Xiang Xueshan to march, although we cannot replace the position of eldest brother completely, but OK also solid inferior now height above sea level (6000 meters the following) , higher temperature (prep above 0 20 degrees) when play and eldest brother are same action, and we still have advantage of body weight hidebound!

Good, arrive this, rest have a break.
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