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How to choose climbing boot

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You can discover the shoe that added Gore-Tex with respect to appearance aureate and same, price increases many, does that need not to need to buy the shoe of Gore-Tex after all? Everybody must understand: In dry environment, the function of Gore-Tex is not remarkable, especially in ground of ice and snow, a lot of leather cooperate cloth of outside aggrandizement besmear (gush agent / waxing) expression is very good also. But in Taiwan this is planted in damp and rainy environment, gore-Tex is tall waterproof the menu that breathe freely still is best now; In addition, the use that makes clear him Hunan is very main also, have some of environment or be to use a state not to need Gore-Tex, the hike that went there and back that day for example, do not need Gore-Tex normally function of this kind of tall waterproof; Anyhow, you must be in it is water proofing property, permeability, price, weight, difficult to safeguard the balance is acquired between Yi Zhi.
So, if your mobile type is: 100 high mountain, the hike that intermediate hill, camp camps, our proposal is: Floriferous dot money, buy.

How to try a shoe?

1, wear write you to anticipate the meeting is tie-in the sock of this pair of shoe, in other words, preemptive sock and wear write a sock to try, taiwan mountaineers the environment falls, the tie-in proposal of the sock is the mountain-climbing socks that a pair of thin socks that discharge sweat add a pair of medium ply.
2, when the shoe of expensive interconnected system in buying, do not want a bootlace first all strung, should bind ankle upper part only can, lest bootlace ties up hind the judgement that can affect you. Here, feel around left and right sides carries any one party inside the shoe on the head first, need to notice, the length after climbing boot often is worn won't be changed, but in-house width and height can increase a little, so, when trying a shoe, around length must enough, adequate level is summary pine, and or so width can be tightened slightly or just.
3, after around left and right sides is no problem, bind bootlace entirely on, remember those who bind is quite close, the part of other asks reference to buy 10 skill of a pair of good shoes.

The difference of male shoe and female shoe

In shoemaking dimension of the United States, the dimension of male shoe and female shoe is apart, although UK and Europe land dimension are not special standard male / female shoe dimension, but the product still distinguishs for male shoe or female shoe, here offers an idea: Shoe of male and female does not have certain level, as long as applicable close a base comfortable it is good shoe. Male / the width that the difference with female main shoe comes from shoe, especially head of last for shaping a shoe (sole is the widest part) place, male shoe is wider female shoe is narrower, abroad has ABCD order and degree, but designation is not normally clear, sell field is very few also the information of this respect.

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