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How to choose climbing boot

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Example 1: Climb to went there and back that day only (H) , gradient is a bit steep (B) , road condition is clear (H) , load 5Kg(H) , general weather goes (B) , add up to gets 3H2B, what reason suits most is H- - Hiking

Example 2: Zhou Xiu 2 days (B) , a lot of brow (T) , bumpy (B) , back 25 kilograms (T) , bad weather also goes (T) , add up to gets 3T2B, what reason suits most is T- - Trekking

Buy 10 skill of a pair of good shoes

1, consult to ace, walk into things of a mountain-climbing when you when inn buys a shoe, requirement most the salesperson that knows a shoe will assist, or it is the things store that chooses to mountain-climbing ace is stationed in inn, if be absent, make an appointment a time meets.
2, must measure actually try on, the dimension that the shoe buys before be not being used goes inference, crural dimension can change.
3, be not puzzled by the number of dimension, it is British dimension, Europe land dimension or American dimension no matter () of the men and women that return cent, the size of dimension can suffer the standard of shoemaking factory and design place effect, still had better try on a few adjacent dimension more.
4, buy a shoe in the evening! When night, person foot is met appreciably expands, when resembling walking on hill same.
5, should try slowly, not too impatient make a decision. Preparation buys a pair of good shoes twice a long time, try different mill plate and shoe money more as far as possible.
6, the sock that takes oneself, had better be the sock that uses tie-in climbing boot.
7, tie up after bootlace, mobile foot points to look whether the wall before coming up against, new shoe is worn long hind, may increase width and ply a little, but won't increase length absolutely, too short shoe often can bump toe head and fingernail.
8, when trying on, wear write a shoe to go, the leather that lets new shoe on one hand or fiber provide flexibility relatively, also can try on one hand go out to whether have the uncomfortable place that is aware of not easily.
9, the shoe that buys comfortable operable way, but do not think a pair of shoes deal with all utility. Also be not added only for special journey buy one duplex special shoe.
10, the feeling that holds a foot, carry a pair the most comfortable, go trying all shoe with that double standard, only a person knows which pairs of shoes suit you most, it is oneself.

Shoe is durable / the skill that maintain

1, the cleanness after giving out every time is clean, wet a little irrespective, dry in the shade it, want stoving shoe anything but.
2, after the shoe is dry, can strengthen its to prevent function rude and unreasonable water (shoeshine, dried meat, gush agent)
3, heat source is far from absolutely when using (furnace or igneous caboodle) , chemical article () of herbicide, insecticide, the structure of shoe of their meeting attaint.

Should buy the shoe of GORE-TEX?

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