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Bivouac knowledge ABC

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You are the life going to work that misses those who adjust formulation, use a holiday to throw nature next? And the means with devoted the most simple and easy nature camps namely. What is more,the rather that, dew livelihood can be far from the city of noisy and annoying alive, still can change drab and insipid rest, after the holiday says, you will have the impulse of a new life again.

What is camping? Camping is to point to the house of Lai Shan notting comply, artificial equipment such as hostel, use the stage property that oneself prepare however, in pass the night of the life in Shan Ye. Camp erstwhile activity, the commonnest the noun that goes up at boy scouts motion and military activity, and it is to point to field commonly, in nature, call in order to stop constellation for swing means of the center camp, but it still has a lot of forms and method, blame is machine-made, very person, lodge for the night like legionary night greatly, small camp to what have one person only, be maintained OK and extensively to be camp.

Safety first
1.Should go up in hard, even ground as far as possible build tent, do not go up in bank and the riverbed that dry up camp.
2.The entrance of tent wants n, tent should is far from have the hillside that rolls stone.
3.Be wided to avoid the tent when raining, foul line should support in sail lower part digs a barrel-drain.
4.Tent wants to be pinned with big stone quadrilateral.
5.Tent a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces maintains airiness, cook inside tent should prevent to catch fire.
6.Evening is faced the examination wanted to whether extinguish all flame before sleeping, whether fixed tent is strong.

Fast “ settles down”

Choose good camping ground when us, prepare cantonment when, answer to build public tent above all. Build tent of good kitchen work above all in the lee of camping ground, establish good cooking range, heat water of on one boiler, next again ordinal windward is in build the old tent covering or awning on a car with the storehouse tent respective peaceful coexistence that is used at depositing public equipment. When the tent of whole campsite has been built, the water that heat already boil, can immediately drinkable begin to cook. Additional, must not forget, leeward place, the place that is far from fountainhead builds a simple and easy toilet again, lest use when anxious and embarrassed.

Field toilet

When entering field activity, outdoors of classics regular meeting camps, arrive when us while destination builds camping ground, building a simple and easy field toilet is very necessary. Field toilet should choose the lee in camping ground, the place should compare camping ground a bit a few lower, should be far from a river (at least 20 meters beyond) . Had better be to dig to make an appointment with half meters rectangular earth hole 30 centimeters or so widely, 50 centimeters or so longly, greatly, some of block and fir leaf are put inside (eliminate a stink) . 3 use plastic cloth or bag case is surrounded, had secured, start to talk to answer at the same time n. A few sandy soil and a shovel prepare inside the toilet, additional preparation a board or chipboard. hind with a few sandy soil will fecal reach bumf bury, use board or chipboard general hole covers, keep in order to eliminate peculiar smell wholesome. Additional, one clearer mark shop sign stands outside the toilet, make others can see a toilet in further place whether somebody is being used. Should camp when the end, with sandy soil general hole bury is good, make good number, tell other the person that joins field activity.
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