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6 pairs of general boots (the evaluation that comes from BACKPACKER)

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1, it is the evaluation essay that oneself consider to see BACKPACKER only originally at the beginning, feel later may helpful, try to translate come out. Main purpose is to think how seeing a someone is evaluated.
2, my English is very general, and the article of BACKPACKER has slang of a lot of United States again, so my interpreter can have a lot of to forbid to be mixed truly for certain not clear and coherent place, hope everybody point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.
3, my English is general, this I know, the Chinese that can be translated to later to discover oneself is very sodden also, this very accurate, sigh.

6 pairs of general boots
Having excellent design, strong structure, what load remotely is comfortable; Aux will be able to of complete skin, medium weight takes you to go to the major place that you consider to go.
By Dennis Lewon, BACKPACKER Equipment Editor, august 1, 2002

Remember issue of that cocktail lounge? Be about if go island of an unmanned barren, you can take the issue of what book. Recently, a friend asked me a question that comparatives to knapsack guest, want to if,know I all hiking that can have a pair of boots only, which pair can I choose? I begin the ambry ransack boxes and chests in me search, it is OK to considered to arrive from cross-country race shoe An Bing's ungual an eccentric person inside every pairs of boots. Stopped to flutter when bootlace, a pair of boots left —— skin of one complete in both respects, high side, medium weight, have waterproof breathe freely inside the boots in.
It doesn't matter is surprising the ground, I am handpick shoes of a pair of typical hike of short distance reshipment, the medium weight that does not cross it also enough is dealt with long-range. Thanksed to lighter raw material and new design, you can expect to bring more propping up to mix with lesser weight now comfortable. Check this recently, we chose 6 pairs to have waterproof breathe freely the shoe of pace of complete Pi Tu of liner, each pairs price under $170 (see the “ standard ” below) . 7 person that check (” of acquaintance of the person that see “ and test) wearing these shoes from the McKinley of Alaska national park goes to the United States the mountain range undertook the White of city of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth accumulative total is equivalent to more than one year. All shoes of these tests are behaved first-rately, you can read the evaluation below carefully to see parameter of which pairs of shoes is the choice need that fits you most. It is the comprehensive assessment of function next.
. Under $170
. Explain according to the manufacturer, every pairs of shoes (men's Us number 9) weight under 31/2 pound (note: Add up to 1.589 kilogram about)
. Face of complete leather shoes
. Help a design high
. Waterproof breathe freely inside in
. Have the measure that suits man and lady
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