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The shoe of MERRELL, my a bit experience and proposal

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Believe to toing step on on foot of a lot of people MERRELL the shoe of this brand, in the United States very well-known trademark is in this home is very famous also.

What the friend of Beijing crosses Xidan probably is medium friend and blue sky are outdoors, does that MERRELL look your relaxed and happy? But does that price let you also flinch? Be, normal thing is to want of course so expensive!

This brand is in domestic since misfortune also is lucky, how to say? The shoe option of this brand produces the misfortune that is it then in domestic treatment, this everybody is OK can see from the MERRELL of full ave terminal market, home we can bring into contact with is most and best is the climbing boot of this brand probably, it is what throws money everywhere, with sheet, fake, (the word outside saying bring out the theme,

Goods following sheet is fake actually, what meaning, basis of manufacturer of that is to say only money is modelled on, that follows sheet namely, ask authority ten million is careful! ) lucky, it is us such insanity and impoverished consumer, this manufacturer can swing a so much remnant sheet to you, the price is commonly between 400-600 (sheet points to those who take V heart to GORE-TEX is mixed) the solidarity of “ of a song that often lets me think of army is force ” ! Then a lot of people begin to set foot on clean out a shoe boundlessly not to put in a road 's charge.

How be Yun Yun is numerous numerous false shoe and incomplete the love shoe that you admire the pitch on in second shoe in the heart, hey, common saying says well, time does not lose an observant and conscientious person, look to be felt more more ramble more.

The first, general MERRELL is very old style, some is so old that some cannot find in MERRELL website, that often gets extraordinary! The shoe that sees sign of MERRELL of a mark commonly so does not hesitate, not so fierce return manufacturer to design shoe pattern to what make a holiday.

The 2nd, everybody likes GORE-TEX and V end very much, see sign of a shoe so GORE-TEX when seeing the liner inside first is fast of dry fabrics, honest cannot say comes to that fabrics, can go present outdoors inn sees their shoe liner know, have two kinds, one kind is simple look, one kind takes GORE-TEX, that GORE-TEX mark is surrounded into lozenge. The mainest is V bottom, everybody knows that Huang Biao, spoken parts in an opera is plane tire bottom then, nevertheless China makes a technology now is too good really, went seeing a pair of GORE-TEX shoes of TNF that day, looking is V bottom, preparation was bought, that booth advocate say be copy, but see that Huang Biaogen do not have a bit flaw originally, so everybody must notice, you take fingernail clutch to know by true V, very hard, and look to be able to see that sole is sending very downy burnish, can glance, very regular, took the true one ratio with the holiday not to come out.

Remind everybody in this nevertheless, actually climbing boot is done not have at all necessary with GORE-TEX, it is important to still be compared by V, cite a case, wintry spring two season, weather is colder, wear shoe to need heat preservation, climb you perspire in great quantities
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