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Double hot outdoor tourism products around the corner reminder

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Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day is approaching, autumn day in this natural and ultimately out travel plans. With the increase of private cars, "backpackers", "bosozoku," "family photo" of the increasing number of outdoor travel goods, photographic equipment and other equipment recent hot trend. Today's tourist market is divided into two parts, type, one traditional type of package tours take visitors, and second, their own people traveling by car packed up. With the increase of private cars, all kinds of Che Youhui form appears, select the second way more and more people travel. As known to drive, need some equipment for self-drive. As a reporter in Jinzhou City, several large shopping malls, have seen small commodity wholesale market in western Liaoning, with the "double" to come, backpacks, tents, climbing shoes, Jackets, moisture-proof pad, speed drying, headlights and other outdoor products species is complete, sales of good. Industry insiders say a shopping mall, popular with foreign countries reached China Tours, and now many major cities of domestic tourism is very popular self-help, some of those who seek to become their own personal experience with anything, the ALICE pack. Related outdoor products market is booming, this trend has blown many cities in western Liaoning. Previously, sporadic outdoor products market, but not a brand, scale, timely introduction of many outdoor mall brand in Jinzhou "test the water" has sold more than originally expected. Night markets, commodity-related products wholesale markets have emerged. "Two" is coming, the weather in the fall, many people choose to mountain climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities. ALICE have to purchase a number of equipment. This reporter has learned expensive professional outdoor equipment, a professional to help Jackets or a pair of waterproof hiking shoes with high retail prices of up to a thousand dollars, brand tents, sleeping bags is also very expensive. And some unknown brand of outdoor equipment, the price is very low, and some sleeping bags and the price the price of even tens of dollars can buy. Of course, in extreme temperatures and environments, not very professional outdoor products, low prices often caused embarrassment to the user. An outdoor sales staff to reporters, pre-holiday outdoor market has started, the price even more by the middle of ordinary consumers. Recent sales increase over the normal one or two percent. With the holidays approaching, sales will continue to increase. In addition to outdoor equipment, the photographers before the Festival is the main force in consumer digital products. Many ready to travel during the National Day to increase the impact of the Friends for their own lens, replace the equipment.