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Code of health care necessary to travel abroad Ten

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Code One: Before going abroad, and immunization essential to avoid all kinds of infectious diseases, tourism, tourist sites can refer to the former environment, the necessary inoculations prior to departure for the vaccination, such as: influenza vaccine, A-type and hepatitis B vaccine, broken common cold, diphtheria and other vaccine, and taking anti-malaria drugs to prevent infectious diseases. Code II: drink plenty of water. Tourism should be a lot of added water, can reduce the probability of gastrointestinal discomfort; Dangdang drink plenty of water allows the skin, taking pictures more beautiful; flight drink plenty of water, reduce the probability of infectious agents; hypertension, ischemic heart disease travel Drink lots of fluids, especially when you need, and should focus on sleep, and pay attention to blood pressure. Code Three: Long-distance flying, long-term physical exercise should be timely by plane, arrived at their destination often sore and swollen legs can get up every hour, do some simple stretching exercises, and for the calf, neck and back light Massage to reduce pain and lower extremity edema after sedentary phenomena, and the prevention of venous thrombosis; to remind people with ischemic heart disease and hypertension, prolonged sitting in a chair, could easily lead to leg blood clots, and then evolved into pulmonary embolism and sudden death, so be sure to stretch my legs from time to time. Code Four: chewing gum, yawning, can reduce the aircraft taking off and landing aircraft movements every tinnitus, often have tinnitus, earache, ear or dizziness a sense, can carry a pack of gum, so that the mouth can chew reduce this phenomenon, but as suffering from a bad cold, chronic hearing loss or Eustachian tube dysfunction patients should first find a flight physician prior to treatment, otherwise it will increase the uncomfortable situation. Code e: wash their hands, avoid raw food to drink, or touch wild animals and plants are most afraid of the journey get sick, of physical damage to tourism mood, "many hands" is the only way to prevent gastrointestinal infections, avoid raw food can be reduced to drink chance of infection. Code Six: sun upon arrival, you can relieve your jet lag because of time differences on the road day and night, always feel that reverse it? May wish to arrive after the sun, which can relieve jet lag, this is because the body's biological clock will adjust itself as the sun movements and therefore, if this is you can not sleep, you can take a small amount of sleeping pills sleep aid. Seven Code: adequate sleep, maintaining good physical travel, take too many road can be hot pain went away, would inevitably have to slow down a lot of walking, so give yourself enough sleep is very important, especially in patients with cardiovascular disease, be sure to have adequate sleep and good diet to avoid a sudden increase of blood pressure problems. Changes in the environment, the full length of sleep can reduce acne and dark circles skin probability. If you really go Tuisuan hurts, it is recommended to soak hot water, massage to ease the pain. Code of eight: a good sunscreen and skin care measures, leaving memories of the trip because of the beautiful environment and lifestyle changes, the skin is the first human alarm, if the hot and humid climate of the country, protective measures should be prepared to cold country should pay attention to skin frostbite, and improve oily skin care products, face without flaws, even more beautiful memories. Code Nine: ready to adequate drug, if necessary, before leaving to go first physician to discuss the trip with a variety of health problems, particularly cardiovascular disease itself, such as chronic physical problems or allergies who must be ready at the door enough drugs, doctors were expected to present their tickets to get copy of the drug up to two months to carry, before leaving the country to find the best doctors to talk about the preventive measures. The bones were originally aspects of disease in patients with oral and external use should be prepared and ready to knee rehabilitation and other supplies. Code X: prepare well, do not worry about traveling abroad may be obtained before travel overseas travel the local climate, environmental health and epidemiological information, you could search for, and should bring a number of standing medications, such as: motion sickness pills, anti-allergy , cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, disinfectant, skin care products, etc., adequate preparation, have health protection.