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Tianma Travel Service from the travel goods industry to upgrade to

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July 1, the day Ma Sanjiang travel company renovated "On Cheung Road," the inaugural cruise Sanjiangkou, night tours of the public to come by boat, visitors until 11 at night until gradually dispersed. Into the summer, growing higher night temperature gave birth to the enthusiasm of the people, but also fire the Sanjiang water tourism. "To meet the needs of the community night, we are ready to be transferred to four boat teams 'support' individual market." Tianma Co., Ltd., Weng Guowei discourse joy, showing the ending of the tourism market after the transition to the Yongcheng The determined to win. As the largest manufacturer of hotel supplies, Tianma toothbrush, toothpaste was "monopoly" of the domestic hotel supplies market. However, due to the low barriers to entry, low-tech, industrial production is facing guerrilla-style family workshops vicious competition. In 2003, the ending of "ton output capacity", set foot on the road of transformation. "At that time, the domestic stainless steel buffet with all imports, only one furnace to sell 1 million meals." Weng Guowei memories, the development potential of promising star hotel, invested 10 million yuan to buy equipment, horses, open die, engage in research and development, will meal furnace price to 3,000 yuan each. In 2005, MGM hotel in Las Vegas, bidding, the Pegasus Tableware beat world counterparts, in one fell swoop into the U.S. high-end market. Today, Pegasus has in the U.S., UAE, UK and other successful "distribution", stainless steel buffet with an average annual sales increase rate of 20%. Manufacturing to tourism from the tourism industry, the depth of mining, tourism horses to enrich themselves "territory." Ningbo Sanjiang travel is the most unique tourism resources, but over the years, Three Rivers tourism development "more than on land, water shortage." Pegasus purchased two speedboats took the lead from the U.S. test the water in the Sanjiang tour, has been quite a lot of praise. Since then, with tailor-made fiberglass boats, self-designed restaurant in a sightseeing boat have been put into operation, Pegasus cruise travel has become almost synonymous with the Sanjiang. "With people's living standards improve and the transformation of urban lighting, family leisure travel will be more and more degrees, Sanjiang tourism potential will be further demonstrated." On the tourism market, Pegasus will pour more creative, and strive to Ningbo, Ningbo Sanjiang night portrayed as a city beautiful card. "Amphibious, Safe movement" is that many people in the industry distribution of the image of Pegasus description of the tourism industry. In recent years, horses spend 100 million yuan in the side streets of Taoyuan town to establish a four-Ming Mountain, Ningbo travel into the rich cultural elements. "We will have boats and the introduction of Ningbo Siming Mountain Ningbo traditional drama and folk to create a strong feature of the red eastern Zhejiang four out of red makeup wedding makeup." Weng Guowei said. Not long ago, Siming Mountain Song found between the Taoyuan College site. After re-planning the layout, two years later, this in the Northern Song Dynasty and Hunan Yuelu Academy par, in the eastern Zhejiang largest and longest-lasting and most influential Siming Mountain College will return.