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Shanghai Jie Jie Tourism Products Gigi brand wipes the total number of non-compl

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3 quarter of 2010, the city of Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision on Production and sales of Zhijin Zhi (including wipes) conducted a special product quality supervision and inspection. The supervision and checking of a total of 62 batches of products, the test failed 4 Batch. According to monitoring results, the nominal right Shanghai Lian health supplies Limited refining the right to license the production of wet wipes, nominal Shanghai Jie Jie Tourism Products Co., Ltd production of Gigi brand wipes, and the detection of bacteria colony count project failed, quality Serious capacity problems Weight. In addition, Fort Worth Paper Co., Ltd. Huizhou nominal production of "smeell" Zhijin Zhi (thinking Mills paper handkerchiefs) were found flexibility project failed, the nominal flow of Shanghai Limited production music shop "Tesco" napkins Paper detection height of horizontal suction project failed. Zhijin Zhi (including wet wipes) supervision and checking of substandard products Product Specifications Model trademarks inspected the production date / batch production enterprises (nominal) subjects failed enterprises Project Notes Gigi brand wipes / cleaning items 2010-07-07 Shanghai Tourism Products Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jie Jie Jie Tourism Products Co., Ltd. the total number of bacterial colonies with serious quality problems