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The second session of the fashion item scraft travel suppliesstones root carvi

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Start time: 2010-09-10
End time: 2010-09-13 
Venue: Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center
Contact: Tian Hao
Tel: 0771-5647565 5656139
Organizers: Guangxi Tourist Hotels Association
Organizer: Exhibition Co., Ltd. Nanning force to help

Exhibition launch highlights

Government support, compared with hotel equipment and supplies exhibition, wine, tea, drinks exhibitions, large-scale, multi-joint promotion budget show sufficient publicity forceful, wide publicity, the committee is now with the southern China Morning Post, Contemporary Life News, Guangxi Television News Channel, News Channel TV Nanning, Guangxi 93.0 radio station for private cars and the professional media, websites to achieve cooperation. Merchants in the middle of a large number of post-publicity for the advertising audience, the press and professional and other invitation letter will be effective guarantee "2010 North Bay Guangxi Fashion Expo and Second supplies, craft travel supplies, stones, root carving, collection exhibition Council "and the majority of visitors to the meeting of consumer groups, particularly in tourist scenic spots in Guangxi, antique markets, stone market, flower market, the enterprises executives and government officials to implement sweepstakes, on-site activities to ensure the purchase of lottery and the number of visitors quality.


Nanning - the capital of Guangxi, south China border town and the famous commercial port, has a unique sub-tropical scenery, four seasons such as shade cover, flowers, "dry grass through the winter rather than spend the spring and often non-release" known as the "Green City of China." 2007 won the UN Habitat Award. China - ASEAN Expo, the permanent venue, a world-renowned annual session of the International Minge Jie.

With China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the built and the global economic recovery (including international tourist island of Hainan, brought about by the knock-on effect), Guangxi historic opportunity to provide to the world. The forefront of Guangxi and ASEAN as a connecting hub, is forming an attractive tourism, convention and economic hot spots. District levels of government, the tourism sector has actively Minge Jie occasion, rocks Festival, Dragon Festival gun, Pearl Festival, Tourism and Culture Festival, tourism, caravans and other activities, the scenic spots have brewing all kinds of publicity and promotion activities, a highlights a large number of tourist projects and the introduction of hot lines, so colorful tourist market in our region, Guangxi has become one of the world tourist destination of travel enthusiasts. Therefore, Guangxi promote tourism and related industries booming, its fashion products, travel goods, crafts, collectibles market prospects, business opportunities, stimulate domestic demand in response to the call of the State, is organizing the "2010 North Bay Guangxi Fashion Expo and Second supplies, craft travel supplies, stones, root carving, collectibles show. "

A full range of audience organization and promotion

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau, Guangxi Tourist Hotels Association, as approved by the exhibition, the organizers, will fully play its role in industrial management, issued a document by the way, directly organized all levels in Guangxi tourism sector, hotels and restaurants, the scenic spots, recreational units, resorts, attended the meeting, visit the purchasing, and invited provinces and municipalities will attend the meeting to observe the Tourism Bureau. The Organizing Committee will be through professional invitations, invitations, tickets, the Internet, SMS, media advertising and other means to organize various manufacturers, brokers, end-user (gifts, shopping centers, shopping malls, boutique wholesale city, chain supermarkets, antiques wholesale, import and export companies, advertising agencies, etc.) to discuss the order, to achieve the advantages of resources, industry interaction. Careful and meticulous work, pragmatic and efficient show, will be able to increase your confidence in winning, make sure you and your users unlimited access to communication and cooperation.