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Olympic Games effect ignites market of travel of Beijing golden week after

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This year 11 ” of “ the golden week is to cancel “ 51 ” long holiday is the following the first golden week, it is the first golden week after Beijing holds the Olympic Games successfully, olympic Games effect and billabong effect cause this golden week to present the front with hot market of increase sharply of travel guest discharge, travel after.
Preliminary count, 7 days of Beijing recieve the golden week in all nonlocal tourist 2.35 million person, than last year the corresponding period grows 22 % ; This city dweller counts 3.7 million person-time in capital force tourist, grow 56 % compared to the same period; Rustic brigade tourist counts 1.97 million person-time, grow 20 % compared to the same period. Travel total number achieves 8.02 million person-time, grow 35 % compared to the same period. Travel gross earnings 52. 500 million yuan of RMBs, grow 27 % compared to the same period.

Astral class restaurant rents on average lead 63 % , prep above last year the corresponding period 5 percent; Social hotel rents on average lead 70 % , prep above last year the corresponding period 10 percent. Public house of outer suburbs region rents on average lead 43 % , prep above last year the corresponding period 3 percent.

During the golden week, number of civil aviaton approach 65. 80 thousand person, grow 34 % compared to the same period; Railroad reachs Beijing passenger traffic volume 180. 10 thousand person, grow 15 % compared to the same period.

The reporter understands, olympic Games product forms huge attraction and impetus to Beijing travel market. Beijing Olympic park becomes home to travel most heat area, 11 ” of “ grow before the holiday 6 days to recieve tourist add up to to achieve 2.17 million person-time, 1/4 what occupy tourist attraction of Beijing whole town to recieve gross about.

The culture function of square of culture of Olympic Games place, Olympic Games is preliminary show. Large Shui Jingsheng hands in the ” of cubic metre of “ dream water that ” of cubic metre of water of national natatorium “ regards show place as to hold first solely noisy concert gets the welcome of domestic and international tourist, the culture square that establishs during the Olympic Games makes the main room of activity of the culture between gold cycle; ” of “ Olympic Games still is the main subject of culture activity.

Area of traditional travel scene still holds fascination. The area of traditional travel scene such as the Imperial Palace, the Temple of Heaven, Great Wall remains the reachs surely point of tourist coming to Beijing, 11 ” of “ grow false tourist to measure leap, achieve the history top level.

In before 11 ” of “ grow a holiday 6 days, the Imperial Palace is recieved 62. 50 thousand person, grow 78 % compared to the same period, successive 3 light recieve a quantity to exceed the history highest value (120 thousand person) , achieve highest day to recieve a quantity 13. The record of 580 thousand person; The Temple of Heaven is recieved 31. 40 thousand person, grow 89 % compared to the same period; The 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain are recieved 39. 60 thousand person, grow 58 % compared to the same period.
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