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Beijing International Airport " 11 " golden week passenger flow will break throu

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This year 11 ” of “ the golden week is the first after off system is adjusted long holiday, be based on season goes out fall the element such as travel and sightseeing of Olympic Games place, civil aviaton passenger flow will grow substantially, the guest discharge of 11 golden weeks will reach predicting capital airport 1.07 million person-time, highest peak of day passenger flow will break through 180 thousand person-time.
According to capital airport joint-stock company relevant controller introduces, passenger transportation of 11 ” golden week began capital airport “ on September 29 oneself this year come to ended on October 5, predict to be during this, airliner of harbor of capital airport pass in and out will achieve 8373 sortie, relatively the golden week grew 16 % last year, predict to carry passenger number to will achieve 1.07 million person-time, relatively the golden week grew 7 % last year. Passenger height predicts to appeared on September 29, make an appointment with 180 thousand person-time. The passenger flow summit that gives capital among them mixed concentration on September 29 on September 30 two days, the height that return Beijing will be centered in October 4, , passenger flow predicts day all breaks through 170 thousand person-time; And October 1 , 2, the passenger flow that 3 sunrise goes decreases relatively, predict everyday guest discharge is controlled in 140 thousand person about.

According to introducing, before the golden week comes, capital airport is right administer the manufacturing system inside limits undertook checking He Weibao in the round, the reserve that has made crucial spare parts and tool of lash-up rush to repair provide the job, ensure facilities of of all kinds facilities, system is in good moving position during the golden week.

During be aimed at the golden week, travel passenger flow measures the situation with big, busy traffic, transportation of the road before capital airport will strengthen a building perambulatory, direct, car of safeguard pass in and out is expedite. During the golden week, capital airport still will strengthen passenger ask, guide, ensure in an orderly way of order of the spot inside boat station building, will add a clique to serve an ambassador in crucial position, solve the of all kinds problem that encounters in capital airport for the passenger. In addition, in period of time of height of golden week airliner, capital airport will open all channel that install check, add the member that send spot dredge, undertake introductory to passenger of troops make up of the old and weak and rapid a person engaged in some particular pursuit, be aimed at fare of group go on a tour's more during the golden week characteristic, set group passenger channel, make the passenger passes safe inspection quickly.