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Allow travel " short leg " grow

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Travel in 6 element, eat, live, swim, travel, buy, amusement, cannot little. But the discovery in the data that the reporter saves travel department to just announce from me: “ buys ” to be in my province travel still ” of “ short leg, reflection of ” of “ soft costal region gives travel developing to be not worth those who make a person glad is, I visit travel department ” of the brave after “ knows shame, rise catch up with. Already rolled out multinomial measure this year, the development of commodity of force hurried travel, on August 25, website of Anhui travel commodity is enlightened, for me development of province travel commodity builds network platform

Tomorrow, souvenir of first China travel (formal things) originality congress also will pull open heavy curtain in Hefei. As travel souvenir originality the outfit that reach a bag designs handiwork of forum of originality of souvenir of travel of first contest, China, China of the activity such as high-quality goods decide on awards through discussion hold, be sure to stimulate Anhui travel commodity to develop further

Say commonly, travel commodity income should occupy the 30% above of travel gross earnings, but save in me, place of travel commodity income occupies specific gravity to always occupy statistic under this percent, I saved travel commodity to achieve 2006 collect 72.8 million dollar, 24% what hold foreign currency gross earnings, travel commodity was achieved 2007 collect 80 million dollar, 19% what hold gross earnings of travel foreign currency, shop under countrywide average level far is because I save travel commodity resource to be in short supply,” of “ short leg? The answer is negative. Tea of Ji of quarry of hill of the four treasures of the study of iron picture of lake of feather fan of 4 names dot, 3 rivers, overgrown with weeds, Huang Shan, saddle does “ Hefei product of my province travel provides …… extremely local characteristic. ” saves tourism bureau to be in Gao Shuxiang section chief integratedly to tell a reporter. Gao Shuxiang introduces, up to now, my province shares 323 furniture to have commodity of travel of certain scale of production produces a business, travel among them craft souvenir produces a business 90; Travel things produces a business 22; Travel food (include local speciality) enterprise 111. “ although the company of travel goods production with my current province already took shape, but the program goal that breaks through 500 ’ to 2010 at ‘ relatively, still have certain space. Innovation inadequacy causes characteristic shortage“

Resource wants translate into goods, still should expend setbacks one time. This is involved how to develop, how to bring into them problem of travel industry catenary. Ever had many coming the tourist of Hefei has had such doubt: Early know what Hefei has what special local product, after can coming, do not know where to should go to buying however. More many tourist guides buy tourist tape travel goods to town god's temple. Tourism bureau and numerous travel agent also are the trouble that has each each, because do not have rich travel commodity, of shopping dot decorate mention with respect to have no way; Without off-the-peg shopping dot, travel agent also is an one can't make bricks without straw. Innovation of “ travel commodity is insufficient, lacking distinguishing feature also is the common fault inside course of study. ” Gao Shuxiang is analysed, because do not have corresponding protectionism, a lot of development go the new product that come to be risked very quickly by copy, harmed the interest of manufacturer greatly; And the financial resources of manpower material resources with development devoted and many need, need ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, the interest that the businessman develops to travel commodity because this is not big.
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