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The one-time things that wash gargle may want to collect fees

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Sale of one-time consumable production will be again not aleatoric, because " circular economy promotes a doctrine " will rise at next year new year's day carry out.
Additional, the citizen gives the interest when travel to also be taken seriously, by the country tourism bureau and China protect inspect to be able to be released jointly " measure of government of insurance of travel agent liability (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , seek an opinion publicly formally a few days ago to the society.

Management department is ensuring the square field surface that common people lives through detailed rules byelaw.



" circular economy promotes a doctrine " the measure such as the revenue that makes restricted and exit is severe control one-time consumable produce and sale

The one-time things that wash gargle is in guesthouse is very common, and it is free. Since next year, they may be collected fees or offer no longer.

Just pass " circular economy promotes a doctrine " regulation, record medium one-time consumable to including a regulation the name, if cafeteria uses one-time tableware, guesthouse to use the production of the one-time things that wash gargle and sale, undertake limitative through enacting the measure such as taxation and exit.

For this, the reporter undertook investigating visitting with use circumstance in the light of the production of the one-time things that wash gargle, sale.

The enterprise predicts

The one-time things that wash gargle is faced with rise in price

As we have learned, at present Shenyang has astral class hotel many 100, guest room more than 10 thousand. If press 65% enter rate statistic, because use the “ such as things of the tooth brush, toothpaste, comb, small catharsis that pack the guest room things of 6 small ” , will produce rubbish every year nearly 600 tons, and this still does not calculate economy hotel. As a result of “ 6 small ” are plastic products more, fill after burying very difficult degradation, become the contaminative source with new city again.

The one-time things washing gargle that each old hotel place uses Shenyang, a lot of come from nonlocal market, for Shenyang a guesthouse supplies the Yangzhou of the product some day to change staff member of travel things company to say, and some earlier year different, gain of present the one-time things that wash gargle is very small, if a tooth brush and toothpaste sell a few wool fund only, profit is to rely on money amount to earn. If the country publishs “ to add duty ” policy to limit production and sale, wash the price of gargle things with respect to meeting drive up.

Guesthouse is answered

The consideration collects fees to the one-time things that wash gargle

The reporter visits area of river of Shenyang city Shenyang, emperor aunt area and Yu Hong yesterday guesthouse of area much home, discover these guesthouse all are offerring the one-time articles for use that wash gargle.
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