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Travel suits to use which kinds wigwam

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The cheapest: It is monolayer tent commonly, probably 200 multivariate. This kind of tent belongs to 3 season tent, basically be the outing uses summer, in the environment not quite abominable circumstance falls use be no problem commonly. The advantage is cheap, light; Defect is waterproof properties affirmation under double deck.

Intermediate: It is double deck account commonly, price 400~600 yuan differ, basically depend on quality (like waterproof stand or fall) . Of this kind of tent waterproof generally speaking OK, but the branch that also has stand or fall. Its fabrics how, juncture place has without press glue (this bit is quite crucial, because do not have the word that presses glue, although the surface is not slack, but rainwater still can be in ooze to come in from juncture) , underside is waterproof. Tent of this kind of double deck applies to 3 season only generally speaking, the winter is OK also when environment and weather case are good, but do not recommend.

All of two kinds of tent is above travel is used, it is pole of account of glass reinforced plastics commonly (when severe cold and gale likelihood happening ruptures) , 3 use to 4 people (2M*2M) . The appearance is taller, windbreak function won't very good.