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Go out the guideline of choose and buy of box of necessary pull rod

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One, surface of examination case case is bright and clean, without bruise;

2, the edges and corners that examines a case is smooth not coarse, if aluminium alloy includes part, check a bag to get even firm;

3, pulling a case to take a few steps, see return pulley agile, turn to ability strong. The stand or fall of wheel is very important, should choose rubber tyre of platoon annulus and many oak, go up as a result of the plane cloddish carry, make wheel is damaged very easily;

4, by use button, pull a pull rod, look to whether close put freely, function in good condition;

5, if be strong case, put the case smooth, the heavy thing is put on case case, OK still oneself stand to the case to try, if case quality is eligible, that does not have a problem absolutely;

6, the mainest function that checks a lock namely, if the password is locked up, you can move a password to try at will