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The expert says 11 golden weeks still can maintain 10 years above

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A few days short, 11 ” of concerned “ the keeps useless controversy to having beening full of big paper and each website printed sheet of the golden week, the opinion on public affairs of Professor Cai Jiming causes controller of group of task of reform of holiday of university of committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Tsinghua broad netizen “ is painful approve ” . Nevertheless Cai Jiming also expresses, cancel 11 ” of “ to need to await opportunity maturity, can not cancel inside short time. And Dr. Liu Saimin expresses researcher of engage by special arrangement of research center of travel of famous expert, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 11 ” golden week still can maintain hopeful estimation “ 10 years above, the people need not worry overly.
Even more most probably the netizen objects cancelling “ 11 ” golden week

The reporter understands, when about “ 11 ” long holiday puts the useless opinion on public affairs that contend for to come on stage, each are big the website had public opinion poll in the netizen in succession. The investigation of eve of website of 3 big doors shows sina, Sohu, Netease, be close to the netizen of 80% to cancelling “ 11 ” golden week is held reject an attitude, and when to last night cut stalks of grain, the scale that some website netizen opposes cancelling 11 ” of “ lifts again, had exceeded most probably, anti is occupied about 84% . Reporter from each big website sees, of netizens leave a message to be compared mostly intense, “ enrages ” of hard pass the time in a leisurely way, show alleged expert “ is standing to talk not the waist is fond of ” .

And cancel “ in the light of the likelihood the cry of 11 ” golden week, citizen criterion reaction is differ. Miss Liu that becomes conduct propaganda in the enterprise cancels 11 ” be related to object strongly to “ : &My New year holidays does not exceed Ldquo; 5 days, cancel 51 ’ of ‘ to make me little one grows a holiday, reassume disappear ‘ 11 ’ , the time that goes out to travel was done not have, object cancelling ‘ stoutly 11 ’ golden week! Miss Lin that ” becomes finance affairs expresses to be indifferent to: &Ldquo; if can ‘ the holiday of 11 ’ changes other date, still also can accept. ”

It is reported, the holiday is reformed have not full a year, of the people rebound already very big, the person that objected cancelling the golden week last year has 6 to become only, but this one scale rises somewhat this year, had added to most probably much.

Cancel “ the result that 51 ” golden week is compromise

Dr. Liu Saimin thinks, the country cancels “ about the branch the result that 51 ” golden week is a compromise actually, do not represent general popular will, “ tracks observation golden week to put according to a variety of evidence and whole journey contend for uselessly, I think administration original idea is not apt cancels the golden week. Made last year cancel ‘ those who add traditional festival to be legal holiday is 51 ’ golden week, decision-making, just contend for to those who abandon is being put in old golden week make a kind of necessary response, agreeing to cancel 3 golden weeks completely in the center of is very good proof. ”
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