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Hammock - result slightly piece

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Hammock is field facilitate in the activity the bedding that carry. Cent is cloth art and rope art two kinds. Stringy art hammock is mixed in tropical forest burning hot summer particularly applicable, and cloth hammock suitable scope is wider, should not be except freezing area and winter use, other season all can be used. The tree of fasten hammock must a few thicker, after adding human body weight, truncal and changeless form is beautiful, this basically is from the care to tree angle sets out.

If use hammock is outdoors rests temporarily merely, can not get hammock tie surely very close. If be to use hammock outdoors to camp, should pull hammock as far as possible straight, because the person sleeps hang oneself bed, as a result of the cause of weight, hammock can have bigger prolapse and bend, sleep in the person in hammock, the body also bends subsequently, time grew very uncomfortable, pull hammock what straight fasten can reduce hammock to curve degree as far as possible, make Morpheus more comfortable. Additional, do not get hammock tie too tall, from the ground the height of 70 centimeter is compared appropriate, the ability when such fluctuation hammock is convenient.

Because hammock unlike tent is an independent closed system in that way, bivouac of use hammock outdoors exists prevent mosquito bite and the problem that prevent rain. Actually, in a way changes mind, can solve these two problems well.

Prevent rain: The preparation when outdoors bivouac grows slightly than hammock together, wide the about two plastic film of rice, upper part of “∧” park hammock shows film when raining draw a line, make its enclothe hammock, namely can very good prevent rain.

Prevent mosquito bite: Prepare the gauze with a proper size, with with one aspect of the matter of head of the person that place filmy and same method to decorate gauze Yu Lou battalion, be together gauze and hammock clip with the clincher that dry the clothes, can bite the head in order to prevent a mosquito.

Destroy with dip the sliver that kills clever medicine fluid is circled into circle to be fastened in hammock too on the fasten rope of two end, or will destroy kill spirit is direct spray the fluctuation in rope of truncal hammock fasten two end, can prevent the insect such as ant, spider, centipede to climb hammock.

The household that the ground of tent nails a hammer to just go up to also can make the tent in a corrupt sky in the wood of hammock also is a corruption however is recreational things