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Limited company of things of Shanghai daystar travel

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” of outdoors and recreational articles for use established the daystar 1992, be by former state endowment business dress factory changes make make tent plant, initial stage is production and treatment travel tent and eider down take a product, exit reachs Japanese market at Korea.
The enterprise established ” of limited company of things of travel of “ Shanghai daystar 2003, form sale, research and development, production to be running water of an organic whole service, the abroad of ” of outdoors and recreational articles for use sells the domestic sale that major pursues ” of equipment of field operations of “ military supplies and “ . Home has the company now 3 medium or small manufacturing plant, one family property tastes center of design research and development, limited company of representative of a foreign trade.
The company produces product of series of canopy of desk and chair:
Series of desk and chair: Body of desk and chair of beach chair, fold, aluminium alloy desk and chair, couplet is plastic desk and chair of fold of desk and chair, court desk and chair, for military use, hammock of iron pipe desk and chair, plastic desk and chair, ligneous desk and chair, stool, swing
Umbrella series: Umbrella of recreational umbrella, gift umbrella, wood umbrella, steel framework umbrella, advertisement sales promotion
Umbrella of brolly of advertisement gift umbrella, wood, aluminous iron brolly, beach
Canopy series: Canopy of mat-awning, advertisement, direct canopy, canopy providing disaster relief
We can undertake having something made to order according to your requirement, anyhow, we can provide the product of high quality and service to you. Hope the collaboration between us can extraordinary success, very happy