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Shijiazhuang is Oriental limited company of things of travel of 100 million bene

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My factory is the travel things manufacturer that gives priority to with producing hotel things, be located in Chinese Heibei to save provincial capital Shijiazhuang city urban district, traffic goes to the lavatory here, have the textile that develop.
The product that my factory produces has: Hotel slipper (include again among them one-time slipper and can wash slipper) , towel of bathrobe, give sb a rubdown with a damp towel, napkin, tablecloth, sheet, pillow towel, pillowcase, curtain, still produce the product such as shoe of indoor slipper, health care additionally. All sorts of product do manual work that my factory produces are careful, examine strict, delivery is prompt, the product of 95% above is exported abroad, the product sells country and the area such as past Japan, North America, Australia, Europe. Having good reputation.
My factory has employee to make an appointment with 260 people at present, the products plan personnel that includes major among them, qualitative check personnel and the manufacturing worker that are having rich experience. Year manufacture of all kinds slipper 5 million pairs, bathrobe makes an appointment with 100 thousand, the towel that brush a shoe 5 million, wash pocket 2 million. The date of delivery of my factory is controlled for 40 days commonly.
Personage of genuine greeting each district and I undertake commerce cooperates, the career that makes us respective through bilateral effort gets greater progress.