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Limited company of things of wild travel of Beijing Kang Erjian

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KingCamp, the person that Chinese open trademark leads, outdoors dew the first brand of battalion equipment China. By National Day of father Xu of Kang Erjian tough firm (SHU GUOKING) the gentleman is founded 2001, parted to be registered in China and whole world 2004 at was being reached 2002.
As the whole world company of things of famous and outdoors travel has a brand oneself, once KingCamp is rolled out namely famous and as open as the world trademark is synchronous. Product principal part designs firm of out Italy famous design, sort is covered mountain-climbing, budget traveling, pedestrian, camp, drive oneself if implication lists thousands of variety,wait. No matter choice of products plan, fabrics still is monitoring of product production, quality, kingCamp all follows international rule strictly, precede one running water makes the same score international. Up to 2008, kingCamp sale network pervades 30 countries are in the whole world 80 many cities of Chinese build site of 400 many sale, its product is compared with its major and tall sex price win the whole world the show appreciation for sb of outdoors sports fan, be known as ” of expert of “ of industry of open articles for use.
Hold to to creat the world brand of nation of top-ranking, internationalization and continuously the sturdy persuasion that essence of life takes, kingCamp at 8 years of establish “ is chic, handpick, without care”product core value, the high grade product that offers tall sex price to compare for the client with greater efforts and all-around one-stop service, to become the lead person of world outdoors brand indefatigable effort.