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Zhejiang always limited company of things of Kang Moma travel

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Company major produces all sorts of travel recreational articles for use, have perfect administrative organization, force reachs abundant technology to detect advancedly equipment, be judged to attach most importance to a contract for years, keep good faith reach 100 strong companies. Through ceaseless development, the company already formed the manufacturing science and technology with distinctive oneself, passed the ISO9002 attestation of RWTUV and CCIB, our product quality is stable, popular at domestic and international, and because of its fine quality, and in southeast Asia, europe and American market gained good reputation.
We all the time importunate principle is “ does top-ranking work, produce top-ranking product, achieve top-ranking horizontal ” , will be satisfied at the client's requirement with the product of high quality and service, the concept that we are certain is “ quality the first, the client is consummate ” , if the client cannot seek profits from which, we will not maintain collaboration all the time with it. Let us cooperate on the foundation of mutually beneficial mutual benefit. We offer the client that is us hard the most high grade product, welcome to come round to negotiate order.